Ever need a phone while you’re traveling?

Lots of people like to stay connected while on vacation. Whether it’s a way to connect to family back home, new friends met in Cabarete, or a means for your Sanki (sexy Dominican man lover) to call you, a cheap Dominican phone is easy to get and use.

The two main phone companies in the Dominican Republic are Claro and Orange. I personally don’t feel that there’s one more effective than the other, and everyone will have their personal opinion, but Claro is better.

Even fruit stands will sell credit for your cell phone service.

Even fruit stands will sell credit for your cell phone service.

There are many places that sell phone service within Cabarete, but I prefer going to the Claro store at the end of town near Janets. Why do I like this branch you ask? Well, because the young lady at the counter speaks perfect English and doesn’t hit on me. She’s polite, professional and doesn’t judge me when I’ve lost yet another phone. I mean, It’s not my fault when I leave my phone on a coffee table in a busy place and someone steals it? Or when gravity rips it out of my delicate dancer hands and smashes it on the pavement? No, I didn’t think so either.


Maria (not her real name...or maybe it is) the Claro Lady at Janets Supermarket.

Maria (not her real name…or maybe it is) the Claro Lady at Janets Supermarket.

Anyway, you can buy a cheap phone for 700rd ($18USD) with pay as you go credit or a fancy pantsy phone for 4,000rd ($100) with a contract. If you have an unlocked GSM phone you can just get a SIM card here as well. When you go to buy a phone and SIM card, make sure that you bring your passport- very important and very annoying if you forget it.

Once you have your phone, Maria ( the fake name of the English speaking Claro lady) can adjust the setting so your phone speaks English. If not you’ll be pissing yourself every time you need to look at your dictionary to decipher your saving and text options.

Last but not least – if you go with a pay-as-you-go credit option (which is the best), you can buy credit almost anywhere. Liquor stores, fruit stands, grocery stores, gas stations and pharmacies.


happy calling amigos!


Yours truly,



"Don't get huffy with me Robbie."

“Don’t get huffy with me Robbie.”