Since my first salsa (Jiu Jitsu) at Vale Tudo academy with Walter Garate, Jiu Jitsu was first love. I kept thinking about the techniques that I practiced, then continued more Jiu Jitsu with Ricardo Polanco Leo Rancier, Saek, Andoni, Belarminio, Dario (gargamel) Francois (rest in peace), the list is too long, all these people made me realize how much I needed to learn.

The reason why these guys were so good was because a good teacher was behind them. This teacher did not talk much, when incojonaba gagueaba and was hard put to make you care, but such was the reason why all those guys were so strong and so good with any type no matter their size, color, or nation.

When I began training Jiu Jitsu, I dropped everything else that was around me. Booty chasing, pain in the elbows, knees, toes, hands, face, neck, back, my mother and my father paying hospitals for emergencies almost every part twisted my body. Despite all that, the only thing I thought about was Jiu Jitsu returning to the academy each day. One day my teacher insulted just me as harshly as insulting to the more advanced students which lead to my first belt promotion. To be insulted by the teacher is a great achievement, as I already had won the attention of the Master.

A lot has happened since I received that first insult. I had more pain, I traveled, I’ve moved, I almost got married, I have trained with some of the best fighters in the world, I fought, I won, I lost. I am happy to live to teach Jiu Jitsu.

The list of people who have taught me, martial arts as well as lessons in life, is enormous, but the person who made me believe in myself in only one. He made me realize there are many thieves in uniform, but only one true teachers.

The monster of a man drinks, sleeps and taught Jiu Jitsu, a teacher that is still putting his hand on students like me on lthe first day. According to him, he is not a teacher, so I call him “Maetron.”

The belt I’m wearing today, like all the others, is important. But the best thing is that they do is the things to did to achieve it.

Today I’v earned the black waistband, but the best part is not the color, it isthat I can say I am “Faixa Preta below ABRAHAM Tabaré” THE MAETRON. ”

Thanks for being my teacher: