Many of the people we get here at extreme hotel, in cabarete are very enthusiastic kite boarders. So on a day like today when there is no wind they don’t know what else to do.  Today we will talk about  some of the many other things cabarete has to offer on a no wind day.

Today we sent a group of 20+ people from the hotel to the 27 waterfalls.  At  every level you go up there is a different pool and the jumps get higher and higher. It’s alot of fun for people of all ages, and provides a beautifull eco tour.   It’s a fantastic day that can be either organized through a tour group, or done on your own with a taxi.

But even just here at eXtreme hotel we have so much to offer when there is no wind, we have a fully equiped gym with indoor and outdoor crossfit training programs, a half pipe so you can skateboard or rollerblade, which ever you prefer.  We also have a fully equiped circus school, yes that’s right eXtreme hotel is one of only a handfull of places in the carribean with a flying trapeze rig and indoor aerial space to train in! Cabarete circus school also known as kaiceitos circus have many knoledgable instructors with many years of circus performing and teaching beetween them.

If you love to kite board then i am sure you have surfed before, well when there is no wind there is allways going to be surf. The surf beach is the next beach down from kite beach, you can walk there in 20 minutes or jump on a moto and be there in a flash.  And for those in shape, we have world class surfing right out front, which is often access with stand up paddle boards.  The stand up paddle boards can be rented here on kite beach from a bunch of places.

There is so much to do in cabarete, i have only listed a few things but there are many more unique experiences to be had here at eXtreme hotel, cabarete!