It’s a national holiday today in the Dominican Republic so most people have the day off work.  People from around the island are in Cabarete to take advantage of the three day weekend. On kite beach, the vacationers were enjoying the perfect weather for hanging out on the beach, warm and sunny with a light breeze.  I saw games of volleyball, people snorkeling, families having picnics, kids playing in the waves, and every other beach activity you could think of. 


Fruit Smoothie’s are now an official part of the Extreme Hotel bar menu.  We tested out several different recipes and came up with some great combinations.  The Mango Madness was one of my favorites which has fresh mango’s, yogurt, and honey in it. 


The surf was small today, but still good enough to use a long board.  Tommy and Andrew went surfing at Encuentro this afternoon.  It was Andrew’s first time surfing since January so I’m sure his muscles will be a bit sore tomorrow.


Deb got a new moto scooter and I took her out to teach her how to drive it.  She also learned that there is no fuel gauge on the moto… and we ran out of gas out by El Rocon.  It was easy enough though to push it to the main street.  Right away a Dominican motoconcho driver stopped to help us and pushed us to the gas station.