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Good evening,

I am interested in coming to kite beach for one week, arriving leaving . I have a few questions i was hoping you could
help with.

-Are these dates available for a package of lessons, equipment,
monitoring, and hotel, if not are there other dates?

In the one week package, how many nights stay are included with the
beach accommodations?

A week is 7 nights.

If two of us go, can one of us stay for an extra week for the 2 week
special price?

one on the one week price, and the other on the 2 week price – no problem.

Would we get any kind of IKO certification from our kite lessons?
If you like we can get you the IKO certificate. But it’s just a
piece of paper actually.

What specifically would be included as far as kite lesson times and
Gear rental, 6 hours of lessons in 3 steps, unlimited use of the
gear with supervision of an assistant instructor for the whole time.
Kite as much as you like – most of what you need is practice and
that’s what we give you. We have a ton of success with this formula
at creating kiters.

My friend is considering coming, do you have any suites available and
if so what would the price be?
We have a 3 bedroom penthouse overlooking kite beach that is

For a single room, can you guarantee two beds?
I can

What kind of prices can you offer on the different rooms/lessons based
on one vs two persons?
If someone joins you but no kitesurfing, it’s $50 for the week. If
two of you take the lessons then it’s $599 per person.

How many lesson hours and is unlimited supervision and equipment included?
6 hours of lessons, one on one. Unlimited supervision and gear rental

Is there food included or a restaurant on site?
Yes, a very popular restaurant right on the beach – it’s a cool place.

Are there things to do or restaurants nearby within walking distance?
we are right on the best part of kite beach. Cabarete down town is
1.4 miles away

Do we need a car?
most people get around on moto taxis – $1.50 to town

How much is a cab from the airport?
fixed rate $35

Do you have kiteboarding gear for sale there?
we do – new and used. all of cabarete has pretty good deals on kite
gear from x pro gear to hard up travellers to big companies dumping
excess inventory.

Any AAA discounts or different timeframes we should consider for a better deal?
it’s tough to beat the price anywhere in the world for what we
offer. many try but be sure to read the fine print. i can
confidently say we have the best instructors, truly unlimited
supervision (we started it), top notch gear and an amazing location.

Anything we will need?

I saw you have a halfpipe, should i bring my skateboard?
uh – depends. how long has it been? it’s a pro level ramp.

Any other things we should know or questions i should ask?
I’m pretty sure you covered it all – i’m going to blog this :)

this is a fun place, and you’ll have a great time.

I’m here if you have questions,