I often hear people debate which is better, kiteboarding or surfing. Kiteboarders argue that in kiting you are riding the whole time, while surfing is mostly paddling and waiting. Also, the learning curve for kiting is far quicker than for surfing and you get more enjoyment out of the effort you put in. Surfers argue that surfing is far less complicated and that the challenge is what makes it rewarding. It’s agreed by both that if you learn to kite first, you probably will not take up surfing. I say “who cares” they’re both fun and they’re both different sports. You don’t hear people argue if water polo or rock climbing is better, because they are just different. I have the same argument for skiing versus snowboarding, wakeboarding versus waterskiing, mountain biking versus road biking, cat lovers versus dog lovers, etc. Everything is unique – you’re allowed to enjoy both. The great thing about Cabarete is it’s easy to do both surfing and kiteboarding in the same day. In the morning the wind is usually calm so the waves are clean for surfing. In the afternoon, the wind picks up for kite surfing. Throw in a quick nap, and your ready for the night life.