Kiteboarding Lessons: Do I need them?

Kiteboarding lessons, do I need them? Short answer: yes.

Kiteboarding when you don’t know what you’re doing is pretty dangerous. Reckless kiting can put yourself, other kiters out on the water, and passers by on the beach in danger.

Just as you wouldn’t drive down a highway without taking driving lessons, you need to be taught how to fly a kite from someone who really knows their stuff. Preferably someone qualified and certified by the IKA, with a clean record.

In Cabarete, you’ll find plenty of kiteboarding schools with skilled, friendly instructors to help you take your first tentative steps into this exciting sport.

Taking lessons will equip you with essential know-how. There’s a lot to stay on top of in this sport. It’s called an extreme sport for a reason.

What will I learn in Kiteboarding lessons?

Learning how to fly the kite and move it with control through different positions in the wind window is essential. Kite control is a key factor deciding how you fare out in the water.

You’ll be taught on the beach first, likely with a smaller training kite. These depower very easily so are forgiving when you make mistakes.

Learners need to get to grips with the science of the sport, and how the direction of the wind works to power your kite.

The horizontal plane is discussed in terms of numbers on a clock, where 12 o’clock is straight ahead of you and 3 o’clock is 90 degrees to your right. The vertical plane is discussed in degrees. For instance, the most powered up point in the wind window is at 12 o’clock at 45 degrees.

Once you’ve mastered the training kite, you’ll move onto sand skiing and body dragging through the water.

After you’ve shown you can skilfully control the kite, you can start learning to board.

Safety first

As I mentioned earlier, safety is highly important in kiteboarding.

Beginners have a lot of kiting safe practice to learn: how to assess wind and water conditions, how to rig your kit, how to avoid collisions with other kiters. You’ll be drilled in dealing with emergencies and learn how to rescue yourself if something goes wrong.

You need to know the beach and its hazards well: is there a reef? which direction do the currents flow? are there any major obstacles? hidden rocks? beach umbrellas? where is the safest spot to land and launch?

The main danger in kiteboarding is people who don’t know what they’re doing. That’s the primary cause of accidents and trouble on the water.

Kiteboarding lessons are a must to get you feeling confident and in control on the water. Instructors know how to get you up on your board and tacking along in as little time as possible. Trust them, it’s their job.

Hold my mojito…

Cabarete is the perfect place to learn how to kiteboard. We have reliable wind for around 300 days a year, though high kiting season goes from June to August. The warm water, beautiful sunny weather and safe onshore wind make it a dream location to begin your kiting journey.

Check out our Kiteboarding lingo for beginners article to learn the basics of kiting gear, tricks and slang.

If you’re looking for a challenge on your active vacation, try taking a few kiteboarding lessons. You know, just to dip your toes in the water. Who knows, you might get hooked.