I went kitesurfing with my surfboard today.  It is a 6 foot 6 inch Gulf Stream.  I bought it a few months ago here from Chino’s surf school at Encuentro for only $100.  I went kiting a little earlier than normal because I had to tutor one of the international school students at El Magnifico in the late afternoon.   At the start of my kiteboarding session, the wind was a little bit low for my 9 meter F-one Bandit Dos, but I was still able to stay upwind.  By the end of the session, the wind was fully turned on.  Going kiting on a surf board with no straps adds a whole other level of challenge to the sport.  It’s the challenge though that makes the sport fun and it’s good be able to mix things up. 


As I drove my 4-wheeler to the other side of Cabarete to tutor that student, I passed 5 moto’s with people I knew on them, even though its only a 3 kilometer drive.  Each of them waved as they drove by.  It’s really cool to be able to go out and know most of the people around and yet always have new people arriving into town to keep things exciting. 


Extreme Hotel had a delicious barbeque dinner tonight.  Just about all the hotel guests attended, plus some.  The food was delicious with all-you-can-eat chicken, macaroni, salad, rice and beans.  Of all the hotels/hostels/apartments I’ve ever stayed in, Extreme hotel is by far the best at getting all the guest to socialize with one another and getting everyone to become friends.