Introverts on Tour in Cabarete

The loud bachata music, the crowded parties, the buzzing beach bars. At a glance, it’s easy to peg Cabarete as an extrovert’s heaven. And it can be. But it can also be an introvert’s dream.

Part of the beauty of this charming beachside town is that it caters to a whole range of traveller characters.

Cabarete is a world-class watersports hub and attracts a crowd of active, fun-loving sports enthusiasts. It attracts tourists who want to escape the big resort-style spots for a more authentic local experience.

It’s a place to find your calm at a yoga retreat. It’s where you can chill in the water, waiting for your perfect wave. Or you can wait for your perfect mojito on the beach.

Cabarete is a wonderful mish-mash of all different characters, and that’s what makes it a special community.

Some visitors love to party all night. Others prefer to get an early night to prepare for an active day of sport and fun.

introverts on tour in cabarete

If you’re an introvert, eXtreme is an ideal spot for you. It’s a bit removed from the main strip of town, and far enough away from the pounding clubs to allow for peace and quiet in the evenings.

The hotel backs onto Kite Beach, so you are only ever a few steps away from a quiet beach walk, read, or swim. At eXtreme, you are free to be you, and take exactly what you need to have the best time on your vacation.

Whether that’s having a drink at the bar at La Mesa Taina, our farm-to-table organic restaurant, or taking a sunset yoga class to wind down from a busy day. All speeds are welcome here.

You’re sure to find fellow like-minded guests who enjoy a chill and chat over Happy Hour drinks on the beach, if that’s what you prefer.

Cabarete is a sanctuary to all sorts of people. If you look beneath the surface, you’ll see the town is full of interesting characters, from different backgrounds.

Introverts, never fear. eXtreme is the perfect base for you to relax on your own (massage, anyone?) and take time to feel like yourself again.