Hair and Nail Salons in Cabarete

Hair and nail salons in Cabarete

Getting your hair and nails done can definitely be a part of your Cabarete vacation.

Yes, the town is full of sandy surfers and crazy kiters, but we do like to take time to pamper ourselves, too!

There are so many local hair and nail salons in Cabarete where you can sit back and relax, as the lovely local ladies take care of the rest.

If you walk along the main road in the centre of town, you’ll see a variety of places offering services. Some are full-on spas, like N Day Spa, that will tend to all your massage, waxing, spray tanning, and facial treatment needs.

Others, like Yeiry Nails Center and Get Nailed Spa, are dedicated to getting your nails looking and feeling amazing.

For hair, Salon Ana and My Dream Beauty Salon will sort you out so you’re feeling your absolute best on your vacation. Who says you have to put up with humidity hair?

There are some places that take bookings online, but mostly you just walk in and see when they have an opening. Remember, it’s Island Time here, so plan plenty of time to have a treatment before your next activity. Rushing is not a thing in Cabarete.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you might wander down Callejon de la Loma. This area has way less of a touristy vibe, and is where many locals live and work.

There are many beauty, hair and nail salons to choose from in the Callejon, just explore and see what you find!

The prices will likely be lower than the salons in the centre of Cabarete town, especially as they will charge you in pesos instead of US dollars. If you’re on a budget, but still want to indulge in a little beauty therapy, then the Callejon is a strong option.

At Cabarete Professional Nail Center, you ca nhave the full Dominican experience. Relax to the sound of motos whizzing by, bachata music blaring out of car speakers, kids running around screaming. It may not sound like the most relaxing time, but it is well worth it to get into the local culture!

Before you get jealous, male friends, the barber shop culture here is huge, too. Barber shops are where you will meet the coolest Dominicans with the freshest trims. The little shops are often the site of pop-up parties, so grab a cold one and enjoy the vibe.

Hair and nail salons are buzzing centres of local culture. For Spanish-speakers, you’ll hear all the town gossip at the salon, as the locals regale each other with stories. It’s pretty fun to join in the action, if you can!

In Cabarete, we have a reputation for being active, but it’s also important to rest your mind and body, and treat yourself.

Enjoy your Cabarete vacation to the fullest, and find your relaxation home here!