Solar panels on the hotel roofExtreme Hotel has been attracting various outdoor sports enthusiasts for years.  Most arrive here to enjoy a simple lifestyle while maximizing their time outside enjoying the elements.  Most outdoor enthusiasts take environmental practices seriously, as it directly pertains to the continued enjoyment of the lifestyle we love.  Here at eXteme Hotel we try to implement as much “green” into our hotel as we can.  At eXtreme Cabarete we strive to be at one with the enviroment, and we are proud to say we are the only eco hotel in Cabarete.

The hot water heaters were removed from the hotel rooms and 600 Litres of solar hot water heaters were installed.  There is enough hot water for three showers per room.

The key components (things you can never be without) were identified and an independents solar panel and battery system was installed.  The key components were identified as the internet connections and wireless routers, the security cameras and the hallway lights.  These systems are always on, so you can get to your room, surf the web and have a hot shower anytime.

Banana Palms

Banana Palms

A model of the hotel was put into a wind simulator to identify optimum venting and take advantage of the constant winds  in  Cabarete.   Vents were installed in key locations in all rooms, ensuring proper circulation and the result was an amazing reduction of 5 degrees that removed the need for air conditioners.  It worked so well that in the winter months guests occaisionally request extra blankets.

The roof was sealed with a special material containing reflective particles developed by NASA, reducing heat by a further 3 degrees.  We have also painted the hotel white to further reflect the sun from the building, again reducing the internal temperature.

Over the years we have nurtured the growth of many different palm trees that provide shade to the hotel and it’s grounds.  (These palms also provide fresh coconut, banana and platino).

The landscaping plants used on site are local and can survive and thrive on local rainfall, so do not require regular watering, reducing our water consumption.  In the hotel bathrooms we use low-flow showerheads, also reducing water consumption and increasing the amount of solar powered hot water available for use.

Our herb garden

Our herb garden

Our kitchen puts it’s organic waste into a compost bin which is taken regularly to our organic farm called Taino Farms located up in the foothills of Los Brazos.  Produce from the farm is used in our kitchen and sold on Saturdays at the local  market.  We also have a small herb garden growing on site, that in the future will provide herbs for the kitchen.  In addition, planter boxes in the hotel hallways are currently being planted with aromatic herbs and spices.

We offer a water exchange program through the MiGym, where you can purchase an 18L (5 gal) bottle of water that when finished is exchanged for a full one and the empty bottle is returned to be sterilized and reused.

Room fridges are certified energy efficient and are unplugged when not in use.The wind turbine mounted at eXtreme Hotel

A windmill was installed on the leading edge of the hotel to power the pool pumps.

We hang dry the laundry and use environmentally conscious cleaning products.

Low wattage light bulbs and low consumption fans have been installed in the rooms.

It’s been an effort, but the resulting reduction in power consumption has been tremendous.  We have reduced our overall consumption by over 60%.

Permaculture at work

Permaculture at work

Our newest project is to bring organic permaculture to the hotel grounds.  We are currently in the process of establishing several different varieties of vegetables and fruit trees.  We are using recycled materials as building material, including used tires and driftwood.  Given a little time to grow and some TLC, this area of the hotel will be a beautiful greenspace to be enjoyed by all and a great way to learn about permaculture.

“What permaculturists are doing is the most important activity that any group is doing on the planet. We don’t know what details of a truly sustainable future are going to be like, but we need options, we need people experimenting in all kinds of ways and permaculturists are one of the critical gangs that are doing that.”

Dr. David Suzuki, geneticist, broadcaster and international environmental advocate

We are always looking for more and better ways to live a “green” lifestyle here on Kitebeach in Cabarete.  We will continue to make changes here at eXtreme Hotel over time in our effort to be as environmentally responsible as we can.