moto concho in cabarete

So you live in a big city. Five day a week grind, coffee, yes. Traffic, to-do lists, stepping on the scale disappointed every time. My back, these bags under my eyes, expensive toaster-slash-oven, I’ll take that to-go and before you know it you’re no fun.

Long story short, upgrade your lifestyle with Extreme Fitness Camp.


While you’re here, you’ll need to know how to get around town. You’ve three options. Wah-wah (it’s not spelled that way but I’d rather introduce the word to you phonetically or else you’ll say it wrong FOREVER.) Wah-wahs (spelled guagua) are buses that are really just vans stuffed with Dominicans and it’s awesome! It can be hazardous, the more riders, the more profitable the trip, so sometimes the driver must be reminded that he can’t stop for more. But it’s the cheapest, though you usually have to walk along till you see one speeding toward you then wave and hope there’s enough space for half a butt cheek on that thing. It’s about 20 pesos within Cabarete and is the best way to go to farther destinations like Sosua (30 pesos) or Puerto Plata. They’re harder to find at night so plan your trip accordingly.


Gua gua in the Dominican Republuc

Gua-Gua Madness

Then there’s taking a carrito or carro publico, they look like taxi’s but it’s the same deal as guagua (they stop for more passengers and fill it up) but in a car, sometimes van. From here (Kite Beach) to town (Cabarete) is around 50 pesos. You say “Cuanto es?” and they should say “seen cuent ah” (50=cincuenta). To catch any ride make sure you’re walking in the direction you want to go to, on the side of the road going that way. There are actual Taxi’s as well if you’re feeling fancy and want a private ride. Definitely more expensive though, it’s about $35 from Puerto Plata Airport-POP to Kite Beach.


public car in the Dominican Republic

Public Cars – this one could still fit a few more people

Best way, because there’s always one of these around, fast, no-stops, they’ll even give you their number so you can call them for a ride back, are the moh-tho-cohn-choh. The oh sound is like the O in orange or “Oh, it’s moto concho but pronounced correctly.” Down side is it’s also most expensive, 50 pesos for a ride into Cabarete. If you’re with a friend you can ride Triple Trouble saying-“lows dose por see-en?” (los dos por cien= both of us for 100?) Ya, three grown human beings on one bike isn’t safe but…well yes it’s definitely not safe. Ladies you really don’t need to be shooting a music video with this guy, just grab the seat under your butt, it feels way more secure anyway.

Moto-concho in Cabarete

Moto-Concho around Cabarete


Best advice I can give about anyone on a moto is Sit up straight, slouching isn’t sexy.