Fitness Love in the Caribbean

Now that we’re cascading into the fall, lots of our regular gym goers are returning to Cabarete from summers away. We’re happy to announce that we’ve made some changes here at the gym. We got a shipment of new toys in; the type of toy that will have you ripped and fit and doing back flips – the TRX rip trainer! We’ve also added new morning classes at 7:15 am with our fantastic instructor, Steph. Steph is from New York and is certified in the TRX training system. Her classes involve a large amount of suspension training and weight and balance exercises. But don’t let the lack of fancy equipment fool you – you’ll be sucking back the water and Advil after a morning with this fierce feline.

TRX trainer

Steph demonstrating one of many functionalities of the TRX system

If you’re looking for an after work/ kite/ beach class, we now have our main man, Matt doing all of our evening classes at 6:00pm. Matt has taken over for Zach who is the owner of Rogue Fitness while Zach acquires certifications in the states for Stand Up Paddle Board instruction.

Matt has been with Rogue for years now, and masterminded our Beach Body fitness class. The Beach body class basically conditions you for all your active Cabarete lifestyle needs. Matt is an outdoor enthusiast and water sport aficionado. He’s always seeking the perfect break or the ideal river to plummet down. Working out with a Cabarete local really allows you to see the benefits of living and breathing an active and healthy life filled with passion for the outdoors. Matt is also doing our cross fit classes in the evenings, so overcome your fear of the box jump or the burpee and get you but in gear! If you don’t hate your trainer just a little by the end of your workout, they haven’t done their job. So please, drop in to rogue and find a reason to love us, because you love the results.

weight lift

Matt demonstrates a surfer-special move

Check out more on our amazing fitness staff at Rogue Fitness at Extreme Hotel.