eXtreme Hotel’s newest arrival is the kitesurfing school Gokitecabarete.  Arriving on the weekend and taking up residence here at the hotel, the kiteboarding school offers a full range of instruction and kitesurfing services.  You can’t miss the signature bright yellow shirts and signs.  Come and introduce yourself or talk with school manager Corrina or the head instructor Richard.  These two can usually be found on kitebeach in front of eXtreme Hotel, or in the kite school located at eXtreme’s restaurant: Fresh On the Beach.

Learn Kiteboarding Today!

Free Introduction!

Gokitecabarete can provide you with:

-Beginner Lessons

-Advanced Lessons


-Kite Excursions

-Equipment Repair

-Equipment Rentals

-Private VIP Instruction

Gokitecabarete can be reached by phone at: (829)644-8354

eXtreme Hotel offers room bookings and kiteboarding lesson packages.  Stay with us to get the most out of your kitesurfing vacation and live the dream!