Our adventure began when we left Extreme Hotel and road a public bus  all the way up to the Extreme farm. Located 20mins away from Cabarete, our amazing organic farm was the starting point for our journey. We ate delicious tropical cherries, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. We then stocked up on water and snacks, and then headed out to the national park.

The El Choco National Park protects over 77 square kilometers of jungle, pastures, lagoons, caves, jutting hills, with plenty of wild tropical plants and animals. It is important to have a guide that knows his way  because there are a series of trails that could easily guide anyone into a never ending labyrinth.

When going on such an adventure, it is important to be prepared. Wear good shoes, bring lots of water and some snacks. Although there are fruit trees, I wouldn’t recommend depending on them for an energy source. It is also a good idea to have a hat and sunscreen. Although you are often protected by an amazing canopy of trees, there are long stretches in the sun that could do some damage to an unsuspecting explorer.

Near the end of our trip, our guide brought us to some fantastic caves where bats flew around stalactites and stalagmites. The amazing fresh spring water in the caves provided a much needed cool down. I would definitely recommend bringing a camera as well. This 5-6hr trip is filled with beautiful sceneries, from lush green pastures and aggressive rock formations. Farmers walk along with their animals and colorful birds fly above. Although the Caribbean sea is what mostly draws people to the Dominican, I believe it is important to go inland and see what secrets it holds as well.