food in the dominican republic

One of the best things about living in the tropics is our access to amazing fresh tropical fruit. An incredible item we have available on our menu at Casa Mami eXtreme is the Lechosa Love salad. This one light yet energizing meal improves your digestion, rehydrates you, and freshens your skin- all in one serving! What a great way to start your day! Here’s why:


  • Papaya contains papain, a potent enzyme that helps you properly digest and assimilate nutrients in your body, so you get the most from your meal.
  • Lime contains minerals and vitamins necessary for detox, hydration and purification of your system- think flat belly and glowing skin.
  • Mint is more of the same goodness- containing lots of chlorophyll, it alkalizes and balances your body.
  • Coconut contains healthy oils and fiber that plump up your skin cells and boost brain power.
  • Raw honey is a natural antioxidant, providing some extra sweetness without throwing off blood sugar levels.
  • Bananas give electrolyte power to keep you energized after morning yoga or before a good workout.
  • Cinnamon is a known superfood that boosts your metabolism, balances blood sugar and supports healthy immunity.


Everything in this meal provides your body with a huge amount of nutrients and healthy fuel. By combining them all together in one recipe sets you up for a great morning, or acts as a delicious midafternoon snack. Make one at home or come in to eXtreme to try one today. Your body will thank you!


Tropical Papaya Salad Recipe (serves 1)



2 cups fresh papaya, chopped into chunks

Juice of ½-1 full lime, depending on your taste

4 Tbsp fresh chopped mint

2 Tbsp grated coconut

1-2 tsp raw honey

½ banana, chopped

dash of cinnamon


To Prepare:

Mix papaya with mint and lime juice. Sprinkle with coconut and drizzle with honey, serve banana on the side, sprinkled with cinnamon.