Diving and Snorkeling in Cabarete

Diving and Snorkeling in Cabarete Dominican Republic

On your adventure to the Caribbean, don’t miss out on exploring the lively delights of the underwater world.

Diving and snorkeling are great activities for all the family. Planning a day trip can be a nice way to break up an active week of watersports, and venture a little outside Cabarete. Don your mask and duck underwater on an early morning before the wind picks up or on a rare no-wind day.

You can snorkel around Cabarete and take a look at the reef, but most of the underwater action happens down the road at Sosúa. Sosúa is less than 15 mins’ drive from eXtreme hotel, we can help you coordinate transport for you or your group.

There are plenty of PADI-certifed dive and snorkel companies in Sosúa, with experienced instructors who know all the great local spots for all abilities.

There are over 20 dive sites around the Sosúa/Puerto Plata area, which have earned the region the reputation for the best diving on the North Coast.

If you’re a beginner, stay close to Sosúa and enjoy the colourful coral reef life in the protected, calm water. More advanced divers can take trips to check out some awesome wrecks and deep walls nearer to Puerto Plata.

Most dives are accessed by speedboat, so just check all transport is included in the tour.

What to look out for

The coral reefs around Sosúa are bustling with life. Come face-to-face with a wide variety of reef residents including triggerfish, large jewfish, grunts, starfish, sea horses, spider crabs, shrimp and barracuda.

Look out for rays taking it easy on the ocean floor, and the slither of a well-camouflaged sand snake eel.

Depending on the season, you could also see octopi, squid, lobster, and turtles. Be careful not to startle turtles, as they can be easily spooked.

When is best to dive?

The best time of year for diving around Cabarete and Sosúa is the summertime, as the wind and waves are calmer, allowing for better visibility. Having said that, Sosúa is very protected and has year-round crystal clear water.

Sea temperature ranges from 24°C to 29°C (75°F and 84°F) throughout the year, so you can dive very comfortably even in the depths of winter.

January to March is humpback whale breeding season, when around 3,000 of these enormous mammals migrate to Silver Bank in Samana to breed and calve. It’s quite the spectacle.

You can watch the whales from the shore or, for a real treat, go underwater to listen to their song. It’s an otherworldy experience you won’t forget.

Favourite diving spots

The Airport Wall is a favourite among divers who come to the region. It is well-known as one of the most beautiful and diverse diving spots in the Dominican Republic.

The Wall is a 10-minute boat ride from Sosúa, and well worth the trip. The dive starts at about 10m (33ft) and drops down to nearly 30m (98ft).

The caverns and tunnels around the wall make for an exhilarating and memorable dive. You’ll see the hard and soft coral is teeming with life: large and small fish, eagle rays, and even reef sharks.

If you love a good wreck dive, check out Zingara Wreck. The ship was sunk intentionally 20 years ago, and now houses a stunning coral ecosystem 36m (120ft) under the surface.

Other favourite spots include the caves at Laguna Dudu, Cayo Arena, La Puntilla, and Canyon.

Come prepared to dive in

Seeing the colourful and vibrant coral reef up-close is an unforgettable experience. Diving and snorkeling is a fantastic way to get even more out of your active vacation.

Don’t forget to pack your GoPro or camera, if you have one – underwater photography makes for a great souvenir of your trip!

Be sure to read up on how to protect the ocean before you dive into the fun. Check out our post on what to pack for your eco trip to find out which common sunscreen ingredients damage the coral reef. Then, avoid packing them, please!

As always, please be respectful of the wonderful, life-giving ocean. Leave only bubbles behind!