Summer is here and the pool has warmed up quite nicely so MiGym is now offering Aqua Fitness.  Classes are at 10am on Monday and Fridays.  Bring a bathing suit, towel, and lots of energy for a fun and challenging water workout with Kerry. 


I took some of the guests at Extreme Hotel on a hike through the Mountians.  At the end of the Callejon there is a national park which has some great trails.   When we entered they tried to get us to take the guided tour for $15 per person, but we said we were not interested.  I enjoy going back there because it is a different side of Cabarete that most people don’t get to see.  As we started walking through the village, several of the local Dominican children started walking with us.  The scenery was really amazing.  The little kids pointed out all the local fruit trees and picked fresh grapefruits for us which were really sweet tasting.  They eventually led us to the cave full of water which we all played in.  Some of the younger children couldn’t swim but that didn’t stop them from jumping in.  On the way back I had to carry one of the 5 year old girls on my back because she was getting tired of walking.  At the end of the hike, we gave our little tour guides some candy that we had with us and it was like Christmas morning for them.