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Water Sports in Cabarete

The eXtreme Hotel attracts all kinds of visitors who want to enjoy Water Sports in Cabarete The wind and waves are a consistent gift from mother nature, making Cabarete a go-to destination for kiteboarding, surfing, windsurfing,…
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An ordinary Cabarete Day

A lot can happen in a single day when you’re living in Cabarete. With so much to be offered in a 20min radius, all you need is a “get up and go” mentality and everything folds out in front of you. As I write this I’m sitting on the…
womens kiteboarding
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Kite Boarding at Extreme Hotel - an interview with Nina

Women's Kiteboarding in the Dominican Republic is growing! The other day I had the pleasure to sit down with the Lovely Nina. We’ve been lucky enough to have this Norwegian gem stay with us at Extreme numerous times over the years, and she…
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Fitness Love in the Caribbean

Now that we're cascading into the fall, lots of our regular gym goers are returning to Cabarete from summers away. We’re happy to announce that we’ve made some changes here at the gym. We got a shipment of new toys in; the type of toy that…
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El Choco National Park Hike at an Affordable Price

Come hiking with us! Join us on Monday mornings for a guided hike through El Choco National Park and surrounding areas from the Mountains to the Cabarete Coast. Transportation brings the group to the back entrance of the National Park…
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