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Beat Off Stress and Anxiety for a Better Life

Beat Off Stress and Anxiety for a Better Life

Stress can kill. A recent report came out detailing the sudden death of an overworked Chinese citizen. Li Yuan died at the age of 24 due to a heart attack caused by overwork and stress. This unforeseen tragedy shows that not taking it easy can prove to be fatal.

In today’s fast-paced atmosphere, more and more people are pushing their limits when it comes to work. Overtime, working on the weekend, high-pressure situations, etc. can all build up. Living this way may supplement your income, but all the tension can take a toll on your body.

Here area a few benefits of a Stress-Free Life that we like to promote here at Extreme Hotel:

1. Healthier Heart 

There is a handful of studies and statistics that link stress and heart disease. The British Medical Journal reports that work-related stress can as much as double the risk of death of heart disease. Furthermore, it has been said that people suffering from high levels of anxiety are about seven times more likely to have heart disease. This is according to “Emotional Longevity: What Really Determines How Long You Live” by Norman and Elizabeth Anderson.

2. Better Immune System

Another negative effect of stress is that it can significantly interfere with the immune system; thus, making the body susceptible to infections. The stress hormone corticosteroid decreases the efficiency of the immune system by lessening the amount of lymphocytes in the body. Aside from the biological ramifications, anxiety can also promote behaviors that are detrimental to the body. These activities may include smoking and drinking. When you want to squeeze the most out of every day – from surfing at 6 am to catching the last gusts of wind on kite beach at sundown, your body needs to be in peak condition. If you allow yourself to sweat the small stuff, it means you wont be able to get a good sweat on doing your favorite activities from dawn till dusk.

stress free girls

Live for the moment!

 3. Relief from Pain

Reducing stress can mean limiting the amount of pain and discomfort you feel. Pain levels increase due to the muscles tightening whenever a person is experiencing a stressful situation. Also, the fight or flight response of the body in these circumstances produces adrenaline which is, more often than not, unused. This build up of adrenaline can cause symptoms of stress like headaches, muscle pains, skin rashes, etc. So when you’re looking to quicken your body’s recovery rate and reduce soreness the day after a big workout, consider taking it easy – not just physically, but mentally too. Give yourself lots of pats on the back and put a smile on your face to lighten your mood.

half pigeon yoga pose

half pigeon pose


There are many ways to decrease the level of anxiety and stress throughout the day. You don’t need to take drugs or medication to do this either. Here are some natural remedies that can help lessen tensions and prevent anxiety.

Simple Ways to Lessen Stress and Stop Anxiety

  • Avoiding caffeine and sugar – It’s near impossible to steer clear of coffee and sugar, especially on stressful days, but these two stimulants are causing more harm than good. Taking these two substances ultimately deplete serotonin, the chemical which makes you feel good. Without it, you are more prone to fits of anxiety and depression.
  • Meditating regularly – Meditation is one of the most popular alternatives to stress reduction. Relaxing the mind and body can help eradicate all the triggers of anxiety, making your day more peaceful.
  • Exercising – Physical activities can help you steer clear from any negative effects of stress. Letting off some steam is vital to a healthy lifestyle. It also uses up all the adrenaline in your system and helps clear your mind of stressful elements.
chicken and veggies

Healthy meals mean low stress on your body

Living worry-free improves the quality of one’s life. Don’t let a busy lifestyle stop you from enjoying yourself. Being too caught up in work can prove to be fatal. You may have all the money and success you want, but vulnerability to heart attacks and other diseases may be too high a price to pay. So take a week, or three, kick back on kite beach and enjoy life in the moment.

Article by Guest Blogger, Ryan Rivera

For more information about stress reduction, visit

Paseo Domino circuito artistico

*Paseo Domino circuito artistico. Zona Colonial
*Lugares interesantes para visitar en Santo Domingo durante el mes de Mayo
*Arte y Naturaleza
Empezaré por decir que ayer fue un grandioso dia. Fue mejor de lo que esperaba.
La fundación Domino ONG de Santiago de la cual soy miembro desde hace ya un buen tiempo, nos organizó un paseo a Santo Domingo el Sabado 21 de Mayo.

Este viaje tenía como propósito principal empaparnos con información artística y contemporánea sobre algunos punto claves de la Zona colonial.

La fundación Domino ONG está enfocada en lo que es el arte y la Eco-forestación del país. Su ideal va muy de la mano con el propósito socio- ecologico que tenemos en Extreme Hotel, Cabarete.
Uno de los lugares que visitamos fue el Centro de la imagen donde se está presentando la Exposición fotográfica llamada “Historias de Medio Ambiente”. Esta cuenta con piezas de mas de 10 diferentes artistas fotógrafos dominicanos los cuales se enfocaron en resaltar la belleza natural de República Dominicana y también la deforestación agresiva que hay un muchos lugares importantes de la isla.
A Través de esta propuesta, se pretende educar y concientizar a los visitantes del Centro de la imagen de como cuidar la naturaleza y sus recursos.

Otro increíble lugar que visitamos fue El Centro Cultural de España donde tienen la Exposición “Cervantes: Este que veis aquí”, en conmemorativa del 400 aniversario de la muerte de Miguel de Cervantes. Con exposición de pinturas de 21 artistas Dominicanos.

Cervantes: Este que veis aqui

Cervantes: Este que veis aqui

Cervantes: Este que veis aqui

Cervantes: Este que veis aqui

También, la Exposición “Guano”, de Engel Leonardo. Artista Dominicano.

Mientras íbamos en recorrido por la Zona Colonial, nuestro ‘Tourist guide’ Miguel Piccini (quien se conoce el lugar con todo y historia como si fuese la palma de su mano) nos mostraba los diferentes tipos de arquitecturas de los edificios y calles de la ciudad Colonial.

Finalmente, llegamos a Casa Quién para la exposición “Gloria”. La cual reúne narrativas sobre experiencias que enfrenta la mujer dominicana desde temprana edad, desde la perspectiva de un grupo de talentosas mujeres artistas. Y “Botánica”: Exposición y bazar con propuesta naturalista y alternativa.

Para los amantes del arte y la naturaleza, si están buscando deleitarse con buenas propuestas artísticas y conocer más sobre obras dominicanas mientras se recrean caminando por ‘La zona’, les recomiendo estos magníficos lugares mencionados. Estaran disponibles todo el mes de Mayo. Vale toda la pena… o la felicidad ir.

Gracias a la Fundación Domino por la maravillosa experiencia! :) <3