The Myriad Benefits of Horseback Riding
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Cabarete – A Runner’s Dream

Running in Cabarete is magical. The trick is to wake up before the heat sets in - which is not that early, only 6:15 or so. I don’t think there exists a more ideal temperature to run in. Warm enough that you don’t have to start with a long…
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First Things First: Building a Foundation in the Yoga Loft

What is that saying...first things first? Well of course they are - it seems silly and redundant. But in a new place it can be surprisingly easy to get jumbled up and not put the right things first. I have a few weeks of adjusting to internship…
food in the dominican republic
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The Dominican Fruit Salad You Need to Eat Daily

One of the best things about living in the tropics is our access to amazing fresh tropical fruit. An incredible item we have available on our menu at Casa Mami eXtreme is the Lechosa Love salad. This one light yet energizing meal improves…
food in the dominican republic
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Extreme Hotel’s Organic Farm

If you have been following some of  the blogs here, you've probably read a little about eXtreme Hotel's organic farm.  The farm is called Taino Farms, after the native people of the island and it is located in the mountains of Los Brazos. The…