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Cabarete – A Runner’s Dream

Running in Cabarete is magical. The trick is to wake up before the heat sets in - which is not that early, only 6:15 or so. I don’t think there exists a more ideal temperature to run in. Warm enough that you don’t have to start with a long…
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Cyr Wheel Balance at Rogue Fitness Cabarete

With great joy I would like to dedicate this blog to someone I recently met at Rogue Fitness Cabarete. At first glance she is a petite girl but it is soon clear that she has great strength and her gymnastic abilities can drive a chilling sensation…
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First Things First: Building a Foundation in the Yoga Loft

What is that saying...first things first? Well of course they are - it seems silly and redundant. But in a new place it can be surprisingly easy to get jumbled up and not put the right things first. I have a few weeks of adjusting to internship…

How to Do a Muscle-Up

Bitches they be Musclin’ Part I (Part I of III – Genevieve learning How to Do a Muscle-Up) Disclaimer: I am not a fitness professional, nor am I trained in health in fitness. I am a fitness junkie who geeks out on reading about health…
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How we celebrate birthdays at Extreme Hotel

How we celebrate birthdays at Extreme Hotel The manager of Extreme Hotel is a 6ft tall Canadian goddess. She’s been part of the team that has transformed the hotel over the last five years and has been a main fixture on the site for the…
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Fitness Vacation: How Flexibility Promotes Strength

Fitness advise is abundant in this day and age, but not all of it we can trust. Here is a post from guest blogger and fitness instructor at Rogue Fitness Cabarete, at Extreme Hotel in Cabarete. Fitness camps and fitness vacations are a part…