punta russia road trip
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Road Trip To Punta Russia

Road Trip to Punta Russia Punta Russia is located 160 km West of the surf town of Cabarete along the North Coast of the Island of Hispanola. This Saturday, Monica and I had some free time, so we decided to road trip there with our new friend…

Learning How to Kiteboard in the Caribbean

I first discovered kite surfing when I was traveling through the Thai Islands. My friend and I had just arrived to Koh Sumai after too many hours of traveling and were completely ready to pass out. Because our room wasn’t clean yet, we decided…
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Surfing With The Sun

I don’t often get to see the sunrise, but when I do I get a chill running down my spine. It’s a special feeling that I liken to taking off in an airplane, or the first day of a new job. Like you are living and breathing ‘beginning’. So…

Monti-Cristi Kiteboarding

Viaje a la Playa La Granja y Mi Popa de Montecristi Como siempre andamos en búsqueda de nuevos destinos ideales para la práctica del kiteboarding, esta vez nos dirigimos a la ciudad de Montecristi. Este pueblo es conocido por ser la ciudad…
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Circus Retreat Performance at Extreme Hotel

The circus retreat performance at extreme hotel was pretty fantastic last night. So how do I put this… last night was amazing. Thanks for the show…? You girls were great. Can I put the tip in your bra…? Where did you learn those mean…
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Planning Trip to Extreme Hotel

What we want you to know before traveling to Extreme Hotel in Cabarete: Before packing your bag and setting off to join us in paradise, there is some important information we want you to know about Extreme and Cabarete. Staying GREEN The…