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6 Things Every Eco Hotel Should Have

At eXtreme Hotel, our focus is on providing the best accommodations for our guests whilst maintaining a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. We think every eco hotel should have these 6 key tools in order to be part of the sustainable tourism industry. 6 Things Every Eco Hotel Should Have: A sustainable food source. Every eco […]

Beat Off Stress and Anxiety for a Better Life

Beat Off Stress and Anxiety for a Better Life Stress can kill. A recent report came out detailing the sudden death of an overworked Chinese citizen. Li Yuan died at the age of 24 due to a heart attack caused by overwork and stress. This unforeseen tragedy shows that not taking it easy can prove […]

Paseo Domino circuito artistico

*Paseo Domino circuito artistico. Zona Colonial *Lugares interesantes para visitar en Santo Domingo durante el mes de Mayo *Arte y Naturaleza Empezaré por decir que ayer fue un grandioso dia. Fue mejor de lo que esperaba. La fundación Domino ONG de Santiago de la cual soy miembro desde hace ya un buen tiempo, nos organizó […]

Oceanside Livin’

There is something to be said about life next to the ocean. You don’t even have to be doing water activities or be explicitly dependent upon it in some way for it to have a profound effect. At the Extreme Hotel, everything you do is next to the ocean. You eat next to the ocean, […]