Animals of the DR: Cabarete Spotlight on DCDR

Animals of the DR: Cabarete Spotlight on DCDR

In recognition of International Animal Rights Day, which is celebrated annually on December 10. 

Are you a dog person or a cat person? With this charity, it really doesn’t matter, everyone is welcomed!

Dogs and Cats of the DR (DCDR) does amazing work to look after animals around Cabarete.

These heroes rescue furry friends in dire need of care and nurse them back to health. DCDR find new loving homes for their cats and dogs. They also spay and neuter strays in town to keep the dog and cat population under control.

If this weren’t already incredible, Dogs and Cats of the DR visit and assist pet-owners who are living in impoverished neighbourhoods. They educate owners how best to care for their pet and provide essential medication for the animals.

Take a look at the stray dogs around Cabarete, you’ll notice they all look pretty healthy and happy. This is in large part down to DCDR’s efforts since 2013.

Animals of the DR: Cabarete Spotlight on DCDR

Animal protection legislation

The DCDR are also doing important work to urge the government to bring dog and cat abusers to justice. In the Dominican Republic it is against the law to harm or neglect an animal, but these laws are rarely enforced.

In fact, dog poisonings are relatively common occurrences here. Sometimes, these crimes are even carried out by the authorities to clean up areas for tourists.

Education and more awareness of how to treat animals is sorely needed in this region.

Help a pet in need

You can support the work of Dogs and Cats of the DR by sharing their animal transformation stories and spreading the message that pet abuse is not okay.

Check their wishlist of supplies for something you could bring to donate.

You can join their Facebook page to keep up to date with the Cabarete rescues, or browse their adoption album.

Get in touch with DCDR if you are flying between the Dominican Republic and the US and Canada, especially New York. There might be a chance for you to make a difference by transporting a pet to their new owner abroad! Plus, you get a cute furry companion on your trip. Win-win.

You can donate and find out more about their important work through their website.