With the hotel full and everyone looking to have fun on their kiteboarding vacation, we at eXtreme Cabarete decided to have a group dinner.   What started out as something small grew into a group gathering, because as soon as wood got out that we were having a pig roast, everyone from the surrounding hotels wanted to come and join us.

It started while figrefighter Allie was on her way back from visiting the farm.  As we drove past the sign for Cerdo Asado (Roasted Pig), the though came to mind – why don’t we have that for dinner.   As soon as we got back to the hotel we started to ask the other kiteboarders who was in for dinner with us, and everyone started to say yes.

Typically the guests here at eXtreme Cabarete end up eating together in the restaurants as a group.  At the end of a kitesurfing day, you’ll hear people asking each other what they are up to, as many of the solo travelers make instant friends  here as it’s such a social place to stay.  It part of what makes staying here so much fun, and it’s a great way to meet and find out what’s going on in town.  It’s normal for many restaurants to smile with relief as the eXtreme Van or the gang shows up, as there will often be 20 or 30 kiteboarders and surfers looking to eat… but it can make for long waits!

So as you can imagine, the list of people who wanted to join us for the Dominican feast grew quickly.  And then the guests from the neighboring hotels stared to hear the list of kiteboarding holiday makers grew and grew – until voila, instant part at the eXtreme cabarete restaurant, the Funky Carp.

The Funky Carp was gracious enough to help us throw the party, with their staff staying late.  The icing on the cake  was that one of our Norweigan guests had her birthday, and her brother organized a cake (or 3 cakes) for her, so we all sang happy birthday and enjoyed desert!

After the meal, everyone relaxed to allow the huge feast to digest, but not for long.  Tonight the crew headed out for some dancing in town, as the music was played loud at Onos.

It’s hard to beat all the fun that people have here at eXtreme, and this was just one more example why it’s the ultimate place to stay on your next kiteboarding vacation!