Cab is always full of new people and fun things to do. Cruising the beach with a friend, people watching, and planning your next move is one of the best ways to pass the time. You never know where your next adventure might lie. This Saturday had that feel for me. The hotel was running smoothly, and most of our guests were either lounging in the last of the sun’s rays or out on an adventure. I decided it was time for me to embark on an adventure of my own.

I grabbed a white-ice-cold Presidente from Extreme’s beach-front Chichigua Restaurant and started sauntering down the beach. Finally, after two weeks, the sand has started to return to its normal formation. After Hurricane Isaac brushed past the north coast, our beach had all but disappeared. Where there used to be a beautiful, sloped beach, we now had just a sand cliff that sharply dropped off – swallowing up children and dogs at alarming rates. Now, the beach was totally walk-able, and I was able to navigate safely around Punta Goleta without having to sprint for safety between surges of water.

I walked this way, with the afternoon sun at my back, pondering where my night would take me. By the time my beer was empty my walk-for-one had turned into a walk-for-two, and my friend Candace and I were quickly approaching a bustling oasis of palm trees, volleyball courts, and smiling restaurant goers in Cabarete Bay.


Girl in sun

Watching volleyball and soaking up the rays

Our mission, we decided, was to play volleyball on the ‘A’ court. We grabbed a cushy white lounge chair and ordered a round of Cuba Libres. If we were going to play on the A court, we would have to first assess their skill level, and of course build up a little courage.

By the time we finished playing, the sun had long since set and we were wishfully trying to continue our play under the one lone night lamp. The Dominican players had finally succumbed to a softer version of the game – for our sake – realizing that we were in it just to have fun, they would say “suave, suave! Para las muchachas” and serve a nice easy serve. Finally after one too many blind hits, we all decided that it was time to call it a night. We discovered that the group plays every evening at 5:00 – perfect :)


Beach Volleyball

The 'A' Court

After a quick dinner of Dominican style chicken, beans, and rice, we made a plan to go check out a Bob Marley tribute band playing at The Beach Club at Seahorse Ranch. I was pretty tired from Volley Ball and the Cuba Libres, but I managed to find it in me for one final push. I was happy I did, because the concert absolutely blew my mind.

We arrived fashionably late with a crew of four people – our numbers miraculously doubled after dinner  – the scene was set for a great night. The band was already deep into their second set with about eight different instruments and a great front man belting out the Bob Marley beats. The restaurant was literally overflowing with people spilling out onto the outdoor patios. The outside patios themselves are perched on the edge of a cliff with lamps shining light onto the lively Altlatic Ocean. Everything was perfect, I leaned back and took in the harmonious words of the Rasta profit. Everyone seemed to be enjoying it, the sedated crowd soon turned joyous and a group of middle aged women began pushing back tables to make room for a dance floor.


Bob Marley and the Wailers? ... Could be

The evening finished with a fantastic Pink Floyd encore song. People slowly started filing out to get to bed. The crowd was populated with a lot of the local surf crowd, and with a big swell coming in the next morning, you could see they wanted to get home and get their surf rest. So off to bed for me? Maybe not – Saturday night is the best night to go out dancing in Cabarete – so off we went, on to our next adventure!