eXtreme Hotel

Rooms & Rates at eXtreme Hotel

Rooms & Rates at eXtreme Hotel

Rooms & Rates at eXtreme Hotel We are a clean, simple, fun, and environmentally conscious beach hotel.  The services and rooms are basic, while the location, activities and vibe are like nowhere else in the world. Think cool surf hostel on a surf beach with private, comfortable, and clean hotel rooms. The social aspect is laid back, friendly, and very active. Whether you’re a kitesurfer, a trapeze artist, or someone just looking for a chill beach vacation, you will fit right in with the eXtreme family. We also have more luxurious hotel options available for those who want to enjoy our vibe and activities but want something more upscale. You can find information on our Cabarete Kite Beach Accommodation page.

Room Rates at eXtreme Hotel:

  • $59 per night with a minimum of 2 nights
  • $350 for 1 week ($50/night)
  • $600 for 2 weeks ($43/night)
  • $850 for 3 weeks ($40/night)
  • $999 for a whole month! ($32/night)

Extra person = $50/week or $100/month power charge


  • Rooms have:
  • Each has a private bathroom, balcony, safe, drinking water, and a fridge.
  • The rooms are big, airy, and well ventilated – about 30 m2
  • The building is vented to ensure proper cooling.  And each room has a 52″ ceiling fan.
  • There is sheltered parking (a rarity in Cabarete) for guests’ use.
  • We also have an amazing penthouse with three bedrooms and three bathrooms
  • We have an incredible permaculture garden with fresh herbs, fruit trees, vegetables, and a BBQ pit.
  • We are also proud to be solar powered.
  • We strive to be the most environmentally friendly hotel in the Caribbean
  • We recycle and compost our waste up at our Organic Farm

Note: These are the room rates only.  Activities such as circus and kiting are not included but can be added in a package. Hotel guests get a discount and you can combine different activities for a package deal.

Packages Rates at eXtreme Hotel:



Security is a priority.  The entrances to the building are monitored by surveillance cameras. There is a security guard, and the entrance gate is locked at night.  We also enforce a strict no guests policy for both your safety as well as for the rest of the guests. We remain committed to your safety and security.


To reserve your room today: click here for our online payment page Check out our great reviews on Trip Advisor.  We won an award two years in a row for  being on of the Best hotels out there! If you have any questions please email us at info@extremehotels.com or use the contact form below.

Other Options:

Looking for something more upscale but longing for the cool vibe and activities at eXtreme?  No problem!  We have fantastic discounts at neighboring hotels, as well as private condos and villas that we rent out on behalf of owners, all at fantastic prices so that you can have the right accommodation to suit your needs AND enjoy all the fun that only eXtreme can offer.  Email us for more information with your requirements at info@extremehotels.com.