Safety & Security


Safety in Cabarete

Cabarete is home to many families, friendly locals, and expats. It is a fun safe place but like anywhere, it’s good to remain aware in order to stay safe. The Dominican Republic, like anywhere, has its bad eggs, but Common sense and preparedness are all you really need to stay safe in Cabarete. Also, we’ve done a lot to watch out for your safety during your stay with us!

A Few “Dont’s”

Here are a few things we recommend that you don’t to, for your own safety. Staying smart reduces the risk of having an incident – and really, who wants to get their phone stolen on holiday. Follow these few simple tips for staying safe in Cabarete.

  • Don’t walk on the beach at night
  • Don’t take valuables with you into town
  • Don’t carry more cash than you need
  • Don’t leave your belongings unattended on the beach
  • Don’t hesitate to ask a friendly face for help!

Most people in Cabarete are really nice and helpful, and most hotels have security guards to there are always people around to help you if you are feeling uncomfortable for any reason.

Sleep Soundly

We believe in being pre-cautious to keep incidents to a minimum (or nil). That’s why, to ensure utmost security, we consulted a Navy Seal to help us design our in-house security system. We employ surveillance cameras and strategically placed locking gates at all access points to ensure the wellbeing of our guests. We have 24 hour security and we maintain a strict ‘no guests of guests’ policy.


Registered Guests Only

Our ‘No guests of guests’ policy was put in place to maintain security of all guests on the property. Unfortunately, that cute guy you met at the bar might be a bit of an opportunist and to avoid problems we prefer to keep the rules simple. If you have a visitor, they’re welcome in the bar, pool or the lobby, but not up in the guest room area.