Flights to the DR

Flights to the Dominican Republic

Flights to the Dominican Republic can be very inexpensive if you know where to look. We recommend starting every search on or Google Flights to get a good idea of what the price range will be on your chosen dates. If you have a flexible schedule, you can do a search for the whole month on Skyscanner, and it will give you the lowest prices and on which days you should fly to get them.

Whenever you’re searching for flights, it helps if you open your flight searches in an incognito window, so that if you go back to search for flights later, the prices won’t have been artificially increased by IP address tracking.

Closest Airports to Cabarete

We have four airports that you could fly into: Each one has its own pluses and minuses, so we like to leave guests to decide what works best to balance their budget and travel style.

Puerto Plata airport is about 30 min away, and a $35 USD taxi ride (taxi seats 4). It is a local airport but it is as close as you could possibly get to us, so if you want to fly into here you’ll have to book your international flight into Santo Dominigo or Punta Cana and get a small connecting plane to Puerto Plata.

Santiago is 1.5 hours away, and about $100 USD by taxi. It is an international airport, however flights are frequently more expensive into Santiago than into Santo Domingo or Punta Cana.

Santo Domingo is 4 hours away, and is about a $200 USD taxi from eXtreme. There are a lot of international flights to Santo Domingo, and coming from Santo Domingo you also have the option of taking the local bus (about $20 USD) to us instead of a taxi. This is a good option for budget travelers.

Purchasing your Flight

Once you’ve found a flight that you like, its best to go to the airline company’s website to purchase it. This will make your life much easier if you need to make changes to the reservation later (for instance, if you decide to stay longer, like many of our guests do!)

It’s worth looking into the baggage policy of the airline if you’re thinking of bringing boards or kite gear. Many airlines will charge you between USD $100 and $150 to bring up to three surfboards in a single board case – however some, like Iberia, have recently stopped charging for surfboards as long as you bring them as one of your allotted hold bags and they don’t exceed size and weight limits. Knowing before hand could save you a few hundred bucks on your overall travel – not bad!

Flight Times to the Dominican Republic

Getting to the Dominican Republic From the USA, central or South America is pretty quick. Flight to and from Europe or Canada are a bit longer, but there are direct options from so many major cities that travel can be pretty painless. Here are some typical flying times from several major cities:

  • Flights from Miami – 2 hours
  • Flights from New York – 3.5 hours
  • Flights from London – 13 hours
  • Flights from Chicago – 6 hours
  • Flights from Los Angeles 10 hours
  • Flights from Montreal – 4 hours

If you’ve already Booked your Room or Booked your vacation package, please email us your flight info as soon as you’ve booked your travel so we know when to except you. If you haven’t booked yet, check our our Room Rates & Specials or our Holiday Packages to see which dates and activities might interest you.

Check out more on How to arrive in Cabarete and our Cabarete Travel Guide to learn more about what life is like when you’re here in the Dominican Republic with us!