Things to do in Cabarete

With so much to do, the difficulty is getting enough sleep in between.

If you are active, then Cabarete is an action sports wet dream.  World class everything is right here. Surfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, skateboarding and tow in surfing are all practiced in Cabarete.  Every year the Master of the Ocean competition, brings all disciplines together.

If exploring is your thing, then you can choose from a variety of ways to do it. Mountain bike, motocross, dune buggies, hiking, horseback riding, helicopter rides, white water rafting down the many rivers… the list goes on and on and on.

For nature lovers, try the famous waterfall tours, that take you cascading up 27 falls.

Right behind us is El Choco national park and some great caves to explore:

For the art lover, stroll through the Haitian and Dominican art and craft stalls in town, or take a trip to where they make it all, a short trip over to Puerto Plata.

Unpopulated beaches are only 10 minutes away.  Cave and reef diving are all over the place.  Kayak the reef, go deep sea or river fishing, or just sit back, relax, and enjoy your tan.  This place has somethings for everyone.

The 4 windy seasons of Cabarete

People are often asking what are the wind seasons here. To be honest, with all the global warming, weather patterns all over have been mixed up, so there is no guarrenteed wind season. However, there are guarrenteed wind conditions. For example, if the weather is hot enough, then we get a thermal wind. If there is a storm front, then we get storm wind.

Here are some general guidelines to the weather during the seasons.


SeasonTempWaterWindWavesKite size
Fallnicerashiestorm styems mostly 8-18 Kprimo 3-12 ft12-18 and a surfboard
Winterdare I say cool?wet suit topthermals kick in 10-20 Kprimo 3-12 ft10-16
Springgetting hot in hererashiestorms and thermals 10-25Kgood 2-6 ft8-16
Summersweating my butt offnakedpumping. 15-25Kgood 2-8 ft8-12

But the best course of action in Cabarete is to enojoy more than one of Cabarete`s multiple sprots. There are many ways to get on a board, either kiteboarding, surfing, skateboarding, wakeboarding, tow in surfing…. that way every day is a chance to improve your skills!

Getting here :Flight Information

The major airports in the Dominican Republic


  • Puerto Plata Airport (POP) is 20 km and $35 taxi away from Cabarete.
  • Santiago Airport (STI) is 80km through the mountains, $90 taxi
  • Santo Domingo(SDQ) is 200km through the mountains and $175 taxi.
  • Punta Cana (PUJ) is 450km and a local flight $140.

Some guidelines looking for flights

From CanadaSelloffvacationshas charter flights.  Try also Air Transat, Skyservice, Sunwing, and Air Canada. Westjet also has seasonal service.   You can get one way tickets back to Canada at the airport or by calling Air Transat at 809-970-2121.  Flight center also has some good deals on flights.  Quebec city is serviced by Canjet, Skyservice and Air Transat.  Air Transat flies direct from Vancouver once a week in season, and Calgary

From Miami: American has flights for $400 return.  Spirit is also an alternative

From NYC: American has flights for $400 and Jetblue for $300 Jetblue also flies to Santiago, which is 90 min away.

From the rest of the US: Try Spirit for a discounted price to Santo Domingo, otherwise via Miami or New York/Newerk on American, Continental, Atlanta and Chicago via Delta or Jetblue.

From other Carribean islands: Liat is a good option.  Copa flies to Jamaica, Panama and other Central Americans and Carribbean islands.  From St. Martin try DAE or Insel Air which both connect on to many of the leeward islands

From the UK: Charter flights and Thomas Cook. Last minute from $300.

From South America: Aeropostal via Venezuela has great connection and prices

From Punta Cana: Takeoff flies for $150 daily.  Book in advance because they book out!

From France: Corsair and other charters.

Travel Tips:

  1. Don’t forget your PASSPORT
  2. Confirm your flight
  3. Bring $10 USD for your Tourist Card
  4. Check out to find your accommodation

Phone Numbers:

Puerto Plata Airport: +1.809.586.0175

Santiago Airport: +1.809.233.8000

Santo Domingo Airport: +1.809.542.0160

Punta Cana Aiport: +1.809.668.4749


The Dominican Republic is a hidden surf gem in the Caribbean with both the Atlantic ocean and the Caribbean Sea producing quality surf. With an average year long temperature of 28C.

Dominican Republic receives consistent North Atlantic swells all year long with the winter months of November to March being the best period for surf over 4ft. The rest of the year will experience 2 to 3ft on average.

The entire north coast of the Dominican Republic is a surfing paraside.  There are so many places to surf that most of them don’t even have a name.  To summarize a few:

Encuentro (4km west): some of the best surfing in the Caribbean. On the one side the white water peals along the beach and is perfect to learn the sport. On the other side the barreling waves on the reef are ideal for intermediate and advanced riders.

6 feet over (right out front) : In smaller waves a paddle board is a fun option with lefts and rights breaking over the reef.  When the swell is out of the north, out front provides perfect conditions with 4-8 ft faces.  A bit of a challenge to get out there because of the distance (about 1 km) but totally worth the effort.

Robbie’s point: (2 km west):  A consistent beach break with steeper peaks and shorter rides on the left, and a nice and mellow reef rights in front of beach bar and famous rave location El Racon.

More on Surfing:

The most popular surf break near Cabarete is Encuentro. It`s a short motoconcho away from the Kite Lounge, making for am epic downwinder. Encuentro is a reef break that breaks left and right depending on the swell direction. A few hundred yards away is Coco Pipe, a hollow peak that starts breaking when the swell is big. If you are in good shape, take a 12 minute paddle straight out from the Kite Lounge early in the morning when a swell is running. The break is called 6 Feet Over. The reef off Kite Beach is shallow with spotty Elkhorn coral, so it is recommended for more advanced surfers. Further towards the point in between Bozo Beach and Kite Beach is a nice left hand break that can reel for hundreds of yards on the right swell and wind conditions.

The north coast of the Dominican Republic is an overlooked and often understated gem of surf travel.sept 05 - got the 5m waves again - huaaah
During the winter, strong cold fronts push off the east coast of the United States and create large NW swells that head directly towards the northern Caribbean islands.nice and glassy
view encuentro beachCabarete is fortunate to have several world-class surf breaks nearby, some of them remaining uncrowded most of the year.