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Life at Taino Farm

Taino Organic Farm is one of a few farms in the area leading the charge towards organic and permaculture farming in the tropics. Located just 30 minutes away from The Extreme Hotel in Los Brazos the farm produces a variety of rare tropical fruits, veggies, raw honey and much more. It also uses aquaponics -a relatively new combination of aquaculture and plant cultivation-to produce tilapia. The system includes a breeding room and nursery as well as commercial tanks and is a learning centre for international students who come to intern at the farm to gain practical knowledge. It is also used by agricultural Universities within the Dominican Republic for field trips to learn about both aquaponics and sustainable farming methods.

The Yásica River runs along the edge of the property and a lazy river float is the perfect way to relax on a hot day with spectacular views of the Dominican countryside and the chance to see something completely different from the tourist towns and beaches.

Tours are only $50/person including transport from the extreme hotel, a guided tour of the farm and the aquaponics followed by a lazy river float with a beer and a delicious farm to table lunch.

**We offer discounts to guests staying at The extreme Hotel**