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The North Coast of the Dominican Republic is surfing’s hidden Caribbean gem. Consistent year round breaks offer waves for beginners & intermediates, and when the swell kicks in even Kelly Slater has been known to pop over from Puerto Rico to catch a waves or two. With an average water temperatures of 28 degrees celcius, you can leave your wetsuit at home.

As the north coast is known for its wind, surfers do need to wake up early to get the best waves. In terms of seasons best for surfing – North Atlantic swells bring small but consistent waves all year long (about 0.5 – 1 meter) with November to March bringing 1-2 meter swells (and up).

The entire north coast of the Dominican Republic is a surfing paradise. There are so many places to surf, and most of them don’t even have a name. Thanks to having so many waves and not too many surfers, we don’t have problems with localism- in fact our local guides are still happy to share their favorite ‘secret spots’ and empty breaks on surf trips and surf safaris.

Surf Beaches in Cabarete

Here’s a summary of some of the surf breaks near Cabarete:

Playa Encuentro
Here you’ll find some of the best surfing in the Caribbean. On the one side the long rides peal along the beach- perfect for long boarders and beginner surfers. On the other side of the beah the barreling waves on the reef are ideal for intermediate and advanced riders.

Kite Beach
When the waves are small and the wind is down, Kite Beach is an awesome place to take a long board or a stand up out to catch the lefts and rights breaking over the reef. When the swell is out of the north, out front provides perfect conditions with 4-8 ft faces. The paddle out is a bit of a distance (about 1 km), but it’s totally worth the effort. Ask any of the staff on how to cut down the paddle.

Robbie’s Point
A consistent beach break with steeper peaks and shorter rides on the left, and a nice and mellow reef rights in front of the beach.

Learn to Surf

We partner with internationally recognized surf instructors, who teach everything from the fundamentals of surfing – warming up properly, ocean safety, surfing etiquette, board selection, body position, paddling techniques, wave selection, catching waves, popping up and riding waves – to intermediate coaching techniques like turning frontside and backside, duck diving, gaining speed, and the advanced coaching for those working on new tricks or looking for new challenges. We guarantee that beginner surfers will catch a wave during their first lesson, and that everyone will go home with a smile on their faces.

Rates & Packages
Single Surf Lesson – Starting at USD $50, with all equipment included
Week Intensive Lessons – Starting at USD $200, with all equipment included
Yoga & Surf Camp – the perfect holiday package with accommodations, meals, surfing, yoga and more

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