Caribbean Circus

Caribbean Circus Camp

Our Caribbean Circus is the only circus school open to the public in the Dominican Republic. All of our instructors were trained and internationally certified by 25 year Wringling Bros veteran Paul Roberts, and most of whom have been teaching circus arts for more than 5 years. We have a beachfront flying trapeze, silks, hanging hoops, and professional circus trainers. We are also very proud to have a nearly 100% Dominican staff, all of whom are bilingual in English and spanish, with several speaking French or German as well.

Our Caribbean flying trapeze rig is the ideal location for a circus vacation, as you overlook the ocean from up high, watching all the kiteboarding action in kite beach, wait for the ready sound from the trapeze instructors and start flying.  It’s also a fantastic opportunity for people who don’t normally have access to circus and trapeze to try out something new!


Rates & Packages
Single Flying Trapeze Lesson – Starting at USD $30
Yoga & Circus Camp – Starting at USD $875, with accommodations, meals, circus lessons, yoga and more
Week Long Circus Camp – Starting at USD $590, with accommodations, circus lessons and more

Caribbean Circus Camp

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